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Vase Hire

If you want to have a go at doing your own centrepieces then we offer a hire only of any of our vases. Quantities of each do vary so please check the descriptions for the individual vases.

- Fishbowls - £4.00-£5.00 each
- Handtied Vase - £4.50 each
- Conical Vase - £6 each
- Lily Vase - £5 each
- Cube Vase - £4 each
- Martini Vase - £5.50 each
- Large Wine Glass - £4.50 each
- Cylinder Vases - £2.5-£4.5 each

FishbowlCube VaseHand Tied VaseLily VaseMartini VaseConical Vase

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Themed Events

Themed parties are becoming very popular and whether it is for a wedding, birthday party or corporate function, we can put together a complete inclusive package for you.

We have had great pleasure when styling for themed events as it really opens up the imagination!

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