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Drapes & Backdrops

Ceiling drapes & backdrops make such an impact that they can change the entire atmosphere of a room. Made of sheer voile they can add a touch of luxury or for corporate events, produce some dynamic lines. Our drapes and backdrops come in either white or ivory and can be dressed with coloured sashes to compliment your colour theme and other decorations. Why not take a look at our gallery and you will see how a room can be totally transformed.

Adding lights will wash the drapes with colour, highlighting their affect in the room. Whether they are still or moving, single or multicoloured, they bring the drapes to life.

Light up Door CurtainBackdrop and Table SkirtCeiling DrapesLights in DrapesDraping at Bridwell Park

Finishing Touches

Why not do something different and add some finishing touches to your drapes and backdrop. It's Your Day can provide a variety of little extras that will leave your guests talking about the 'finer details' for weeks after your special day.

Drapes with UplightersFairy lights in the backdrop look very delicate and pretty while our led lights beam up the drapes in a multitude of colours.


Wall draping with bowsIf you prefer, bows and flowers can be tied around the drapes allowing the table decorations to extend out further into the room.

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Themed Events

Themed parties are becoming very popular and whether it is for a wedding, birthday party or corporate function, we can put together a complete inclusive package for you.

We have had great pleasure when styling for themed events as it really opens up the imagination!

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