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Be Inspired!

Where do you start when planning for a wedding, birthday celebration or corporate event?  Right here..... Get some inspiration from our styled shoots - we can help you achieve the look, mood and atmosphere you are looking for.

Vintage Lace Ceremony Wedding Styling


Although no longer in high demand vintage/rustic weddings still remain a popular choice and why not. This ceremony setup in the Chapel at Bridwell lends itself perfectly for this styling with chair dressings using multiple materials as well as fresh flowers and simple but affect window sill displays of milk bottles and lanterns.


Read our blog #OnLocation to discover our thoughts behind this styling. 

Chocolate Orange Wedding Styling

Read our blog #OnLocation to see more photos and our thoughts behind this delicious mouth-watering styling for weddings.  Giant bloom centrepiece, layered place settings and free flowing backdrop. 

Tropical Tablescape

Bright colours and sunshine guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.  You can create great tropical vibes even without expensive exotic flowers as it’s all about the colours.

Moody Blues

A sultry, seductive and moody styling portrayed using navy and grey. Colours have such an impact not only on the way we feel but on the atmosphere we want to create.  How much thought do you put into choosing the colours for your wedding or event?

Sense & Sensibility

If you love Jane Austen you will love this styling.  Straight from the Manor House blending pale blue, lace and subtle pink.

Boho Pampas Wedding Styling

Pampas grass and dried fauna is so on trend and we absolutely loved putting this styling together.  A trail of rugs and baskets leads to our new macramé backdrop which makes the perfect focal point.  Blending natural colours, tones and textures creates a look that is warm and whimsical - perfect for Boho.

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