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Coping with Covid Lockdown

What a time we are finding ourselves in! Nobody would have thought we would be in this position, it is just horrid for everyone. So how are you dealing with the lockdown and how has this awful virus affected your lives?

For me.....

We came home from a lovely holiday in the sun just in time as the travel restrictions came into play the very next day. Relief to be back on UK soil for sure. Probably like a lot of you, I still didn’t expect everything to blow up like it has and I spent a white trying to get my head around it all. I was expecting to come home and spend a couple of weeks preparing for the start of the wedding season - a very busy one at that. I expect I can speak for most of us in this industry when I say the majority of our income is made during the months of April-October. My winters are steady but not a patch on the number of bookings I get through spring and summer. This awful virus has had such a dramatic impact on all of us, so it is important that we work together to get through it as quickly as we can. My initial concern was for all my lovely couples who were about to have one of the best days of their lives. The planning, expense, excitement turning instantly to stress, anxiety and upset. How could I help them?

I have been in contact with both clients and venues on a month to month basis to help rearrange and replan - I am here for you all to make life as easy and stress free as possible. Provided I have availability, you can move your wedding, EVEN TO NEXT YEAR if necessary, WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL COSTS. Having gone through April to June I am now starting to contact July’s clients so if you have not already been in touch please don’t worry I shall be emailing shortly. I know your wedding is probably just one of the things you have to worry about at the moment so please rest assured that you will not receive any pressure from me to make any decision. I am hoping that the magic number is 12 weeks taking us to the end of May and that weddings arranged from June onwards will still be able to go ahead. Obviously we can only be guided by Government Legislation. There have been some clients that have decided to postpone regardless to relieve any further anxiety as the weeks go by, but I’m sure there are also many of you that are still holding out hope that the lockdown will be lifted and your big day can proceed. For those clients, we are happy to keep your date and also book a future provisional (backup) date as well so you are covered either way. Like I said I am here to help and flexibility is required.

In the meantime I have been thinking of ways to fill my time and stay active and you might have seen on Facebook some artificial arrangements I have made from what I have to hand. If not then check them out. They are great value for money.

I am also temporarily winding back the clock to a time when I made invitations and working on some new styles which I shall soon share with you all. These will be available to order for the rest of this year only so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages within the next few weeks.

Keeping busy and staying active is good for your health and wellbeing so please share what you have been doing during lockdown. How innovative can we be?

To finish off I would like to spread some positivity and have set a challenge on my business page. Don’t worry if you can’t think of an acronym, a simple like and share would be appreciated. Help me to get it out to as many people as possible.

Stay safe, stay at home and we will see the other side of this.

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