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#OnLocation - Chocolate Orange

A scrumptious styling with the stunning backdrop of Dartmoor.

The wedding industry is becoming more and more competitive and as a stylist and decorator I certainly can’t sit back on my laurels. I mentioned earlier in the year I was planning some stylings that will inspire, excite and ignite creativity. Unfortunately this has been a little slower than expected due to the lockdown but as things have started to open and supplies received, I present to you the first for the year - chocolate orange.

Just the words ‘Chocolate Orange’ gets my taste buds going. So delicious and mouth-watering you can’t help but over indulge even though you shouldn’t. But hey when it comes to wedding decor go for it - there will be no extra pounds on the hips!

When putting this styling together I was aiming for something delicious, something that draws you in wanting more with lots of flowing detail and I think this achieves just that.

The centrepiece was to be the main focal point of the table so it needed to be big and striking. I decided to go for some gorgeous artificial blooms in rich tonal oranges and peach with pops of chocolate and biscuit. I used a mix of roses, peonies, dahlias, proteas and bulrushes in this arrangement with trails of berry vines. The giant dahlias are just beautiful, I love them and well worth paying the extra for. They lift the centrepiece giving it a smooth and creamy feel. The addition of the berry vines falling is aimed to draw your eye down on to the table and the rest of the styling.

The layering of the table started with a chiffon runner down through the middle like a rippling river of chocolate indulgence. I use runners a lot in my stylings, they break up the table and give an opportunity to add different fabrics. Beige charger plates topped with burnt orange glass patterned with chocolate vines and complimented with chocolate napkins, gold cutlery and silky smooth table stationery (provided by @papercactusprints) provided a place setting with lots of interesting textures and materials. I know additional charger plates are a luxury and some might say an unnecessary cost but remember we are over indulging on this one!

The little touches -

It would be easy to finish the table here and don’t get me wrong it would still look great, but it's always worth thinking of adding some little touches. I did this in the form of mosaic glass tealights and tall candles. Once lit the candles will reflect on the mosaic glass - similar to a light on a disco ball - firing out shards of light onto the table. And as we are totally over indulging on this one then of course I had to go for the crystal glasses.

To finish the styling I jumped at the opportunity to use our new champagne stand and you will see in the months to come how adaptable this can be. On it's debut however it became a dreamy backdrop with cascades of melting softness. Free flowing and a little boho I guess.

I really enjoyed planning and putting this gorgeous colour scheme together and would love to hear your thoughts and comments. And of course I am here on hand to help with any combination problems or queries you may have. Also if you would like some information on the table stationery here check out Paper Cactus Prints on Instagram. They have great designs and offer bespoke services.

Thanks for checking in.

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