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Hooping Mad

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

"A circle is endless and has no beginning or end. This means that a circle goes on forever, just like the love a married couple have for one another." This is what they say is the meaning for a wedding ring so is it a wonder that hoops are becoming a popular choice for wedding décor? Of course not!

They are absolutely fabulous, look stunning, romantic and have been used in numerous creative ways. So it goes without saying that to keep up with what's on trend we have our own selection of hoops to offer our clients. Over the next few weeks or so we shall be sharing with you how we have used and transformed these beauties in a variety of ways.

How can hoops be used?

Bridesmaids - bouquets can be expensive so using hoops are not only a different choice but perhaps a less expensive one. We shall be creating a couple examples to tempt you.

Message Hoops - Great for hanging against a wall and whether they are personalised or generic, I love them. The wording adds another dimension and if you have an unusual colour it is a good way of getting it into the decorations.

Ceiling Hoops - perhaps the most expensive option as usually these need to be larger to make an impression. However if you are wanting a WOW factor these will do it. We are really excited to put one of these together and display it front and centre as an addition to our ceiling drapes with lights. We think you'll love it!

Table plan - Although we no longer do table plans we are going to put one together just to show how hoops can be used for this. And of course our clients can hire our hoops to do just that.

We hope you are excited to see our creations so will keep checking in to this post. If you are incorporating hoops into your big day then please share your creations with us.

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