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#OnLocation - Beautiful Bridwell

So with the van fully packed and loaded we headed off to this stunning venue for my first styling and photoshoot of the year. I hope this will be the first of many I share with you. For those of you who don't know it, it's a real beaut and one of my favourites for sure. As soon as you turn in through the gates you're hit straight away and can't help but gasp at the sight of the large Georgian house on the hill and the deer roaming free and peaceful in the grounds. It's no wonder I chose it for my first styling of 2020. Welcome to Bridwell Park!

The lovely Orangery at Bridwell is a blank canvas and basically ANY colour and styling would look fabulous. It has several sets of Georgian style French doors that open out onto its own south facing garden so lots of sunshine for the whole day, if you are lucky enough in this country that is.

My brief to self? - "elegant, warm and romantic"

There are certain colours I see every year but are never over done and as such are timeless. Burgundy is one of them, it fits the brief being a warm and somewhat regal colour and well, I just love it. I wanted it to be the initial impact colour when you entered the room and with the largest surface being the tables, it had to be the cloths.

But long gone are the days when you chose one colour, no that's too simple, nowadays

wedding pallets consist of three or four and what a headache that can be right?

I shall write a separate blog about colour choosing tips but for now, and for this styling, I went with blush and gold.

Adding pops of gold in the cutlery and crockery added to the luxury without compromising that dominant burgundy. And the pale blush? Well there had to be soft and dreamy in there somewhere! The cut crystal glasses simply shout upmarket and of course for an elegant look why would you compromise?

Centrepieces? - This was easy - cylinder vases with pillar candles nestled in foliage. I instantly knew I wanted candles as nothing else creates a romantic atmosphere quite like they do. Let's face it, your wedding day is all about love and romance, being around the people you care about the most and bringing families together. And there is also such a sense of calm about them don't you think?

I completed the styling with a central foliage hoop and soft chiffon draping with lights, instantly creating a romantic canopy under which the toasts and celebrations can begin.

I hope you like the styling and of course I am always here to help you with yours.

Thanks for checking in and if you haven't yet chosen a venue I highly recommend taking a trip out to view this beautiful place.

Finally I must say a huge thank you to Sam and Savanna who helped me set up and to Keeping It Vintage for the loan of the glasses, plates and cutlery. You are stars.

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