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Picture Perfect Colour Pallet

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I know I cannot tar everyone with the same brush but I bet that the majority of you reading this spend a lot of time on social media, take lots of photos and then apply filters before sending them out there for the world to see! Am I right? I can almost see all those nodding heads. Obviously with the business I post photos of our work all the time on the different media platforms and in the main keep the photos to their original state. I would be lying however if I said I don't occasionally give in to temptation and choose a magic filter.

This got me thinking and for a bit of fun I thought I would carry out a little experiment to see how much these filters change the colours in a photo. For those of you who don't know, we have a gorgeous little Westie called Oscar and recently we went to Parke for one of his favourite walks. The sun was out and the forest looked amazing despite the time of year. We take it all for granted but when you stop and just look you realise there is so much going on. After taking a few photos I have chosen one and used it to create a true colour pallet for a woodland theme wedding or event. I then applied two filters available within Instagram and carried out the same procedure on the same areas of the photo to see the difference in the colours.

I don't know about you but some things are best left in their natural state. How much disguise goes on and how much do we get drawn in to the look of something that actually isn't real? #weddingcolourpallet #woodlandwedding

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