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"Rain rain, if you're here to stay, you will not spoil our wedding day"

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Lets face it, no-one wants rain on their wedding day and we even give in to the old wives tales to help prevent it. They do say however that the "knot" in the phrase "tying the knot" becomes harder to break when wet and therefore the marriage is stronger, so it's not all bad.

If you are planning a winter wedding, especially in this country, there is a high chance that you will have rain but we shouldn't let it spoil the big day.

I was thoroughly spoilt at the weekend. It was our 1st wedding anniversary and my lovely husband whisked me away down to Cornwall. As we were sat having a gin or two in a cosy little pub in Charlestown it was lamping it down outside and, with a little part of me always thinking about work, I thought about my lovely bride getting married in Bradninch and hoped the awful weather wasn't spoiling her day.

So why not embrace the possibility, prepare and have some fun. To this end I set about trawling google and social media and found some great pics of couples doing just that and thought I would share them with you.

I think you will agree these photos ooze everything you want a wedding to be - fun, romantic, beautiful and full of character - despite the rain. So if you are planning a winter wedding don't worry about the rain, be prepared and embrace it.

Why not consider having a basket of umbrellas at the ready for your guests. You can even get them personalised and have them as an alternative keepsake in place of the traditional favour.

You could go even further and bring the outside in. I am loving these wellie aisle arrangements which leads me to think why not consider a "rain or shine" theme?

Now I have all sorts of ideas popping into my head!

Hang umbrellas from the ceiling or use them to form an arch. Plain, patterned or even a combination of both would look amazing.

White organic balloon clouds in different sized clusters would look great. You could add hanging droplets or even some lights to represent the sun shining through. These could be air filled and hung from the ceiling or perhaps helium filled and suspended over your reception tables either on their own or from a floral arrangements.

Use a wheelbarrow and fill it with beers for arrival drinks or maybe flipflops for those tired feet at the end of the night. Wouldn't it look great with a couple of these floral wellie boots stood next to it?

Lets not forget the tables. Watering cans spilling with seasonal flowers would be a perfect fit.

What a pretty wedding this would be and of course we can help you create this for your special day.

Thanks for reading and of course please share your own "rain or shine" ideas.

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