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So let me introduce you to my children and their lovely fiancées. They have both agreed to allow me to post about their wedding planning experience as they both tie the knot this year. What is nice is that they are totally different which reflects in their colours, themes and ideas. I hope you enjoy reading about the choices they have made and the problems and difficulties they experienced along the way. I shall head every post with the hashtag #TheHamlyns to make it easier for you to follow their journey.

In their own words .......

Megan & Sam - 23rd May

“Hey, It’s me – Meg the infamous daughter. I thought I would hijack Mother’s blog and share my Partner (Sam) & I’s wedding journey – we are due to get hitched on 23rd May this year. We have had what some may say a rather lengthy engagement, 3 and half years by the time we say I do, but why rush? Why not enjoy every step, as it flies by!

Being two women we faced our fair share of ‘’well traditionally the man would’’ and a lot of confused faces and surprised reactions, but we have shaped our wedding down to the smallest detail our way, creating our very own ‘’traditions’’ of which I cannot wait to share with you all..

From this you can take advantage of our many amazing suppliers, ideas, or simply have a laugh just like we have throughout this journey (don’t get me wrong there were some frustrations) Sam close to turning into full Bridezilla mode, but for my safety we’ll keep that quiet…”

Jack and Savanna - 12th September

"My name is Savanna, I'm 22 and I'm marrying the man of my dreams at the end of the year - how exciting! However, saying that it's not all been exciting, in fact it's been quite stressful to say the least. I thought I was going into my wedding planning knowing exactly what I wanted - colours, décor, style of wedding dress and other attire, the lot - but once I said "yes" and the ring went on, that all went out the window. It actually wasn't what I wanted after all. I've had to start fresh.

My partner Jack 24 and I sat down and discussed what each other wanted. Jack preferred the cool, calm and collected kind of wedding. He wanted us to just get married at the registry office on our own, nothing over the top and then have a rather large party afterwards. He doesn't like being the centre of attention! Likewise, I also wanted something chilled, but a little traditional so we and have compromised and gone for a beautiful outdoor, natural wedding venue, followed by a barn for our party - Canonteign Falls.

With the venue booked and locked in we have started to consider the décor. It has been the most trickiest part of planning so far. I went from knowing exactly what I wanted like I said, to now really struggling to picture what anything will actually look like on the day. All I can say is that Jo and Pinterest have been my best friends throughout! This is still a work in progress."

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