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#TheHamlyns - Meg and Sam

An update from Meg and Sam

Hi All,

Firstly I hope you’re all safe & well as we go through this crisis!

This is a hard time for everyone, I thought I’d share the hurdles Sam & I have faced regarding our BIG day! I proposed to Sam nearly 4 years ago and 23rd May 2020 had been our day, we planned it so far in advance as we wanted not only a Bank Holiday weekend but also all of our favourite suppliers (yes we’re greedy!). So with the inevitable lurking around the corner that we would need to reschedule it was quite a bitter pill to swallow, but what is your Wedding Day without the people you love around you? So we spent many hours working out how we are going to overcome this, we had planned every detail around a Summer wedding so for us a Winter Wedding wasn’t an option, we succumbed to the fact we would wait another year (yes extra time to reconsider – JUST KIDDING!!)  

I’ve heard through the grapevine with mother being in the wedding industry that venues in and around Devon have been extremely accommodating in these situations – our venue not so much! Now this was the biggest challenge of ours as we spent many days viewing locations and countless internet searches trying to find the perfect location for us. Sam & I are very much for local businesses and support in every which way we can, so when we asked the Venue if we could move to next year, we were more than happy to pay the increase due to it being a new year and general inflation, also happy to pay the workers for the 23rd of May 2020 (I.e Cleaners/groundworkers) so they wouldn’t lose income due to COVID-19. However they refused, offered us a Winter weekday wedding of which is a fraction of the price for 2020 and said if we wanted next year would have to pay a full new booking fee and lose the money entirely for our current booking.

This put added stress on us, of course – thinking where are we going to find the additional money? Do we still want to get married there? Shall we just elope?! But with that in mind we chose a date for the New Year, rallied all of our suppliers, who by the way have gone above and beyond for us, being such short notice in ‘’Wedding Years’’ we were anxious most of our suppliers would be booked already, thankfully there was still hope and by some stroke of luck in amongst this chaos we still have all of our suppliers!

So we bit the bullet knowing the likelihood of the lockdown would continue and even if it doesn’t exceed our date life wouldn’t just spring back to normal and put a deposit down on 7th August 2021, at the same Venue – with the hope the venues insurance comes through so we can carry the date over (as this is the only way they would accommodate), if not it will be endless alcohol (house wine) & budget meals for the foreseeable, ha! Now being the soppy romantics that we are, the 7th August still has sentimental value as its the day, I cried my eyes out, don’t actually think the words ‘Will you marry me?’ left my lips more like wuidufdlg glduglg mksdg – but evidently the day we got engaged! We will now famously have an elongated 5 year engagement (Great film by the way!)

What I would like to stress, is that no matter the hurdles the most important part of this is our families & friends are healthy, Sam & I have each other and eeeeeeeeeeeventually we will have one fabulous celebration and maybe even exchange a few vows! My thoughts are with all couples due to get hitched this year, lets raise a glass to you.

Meg x

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