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Venue v Venue

I was asked again this week "You go to so many venues which one if your favourite?" I do indeed go to some beautiful places, all of which have their own unique selling points that stand out. So where do you start when deciding where to choose for one of the most important days of your life?

To all you lovely couples that are struggling with this very crucial element I would recommend the following:

DON'T RUSH. You will go to Wedding Shows and get tempted by offers and discounts but hasty decisions can lead to regret and lost deposits. Consider your requirements.

TIME OF YEAR. In my view this is very important as the time of year reflects the requirements from a venue greatly. During the winter months you might want to consider a venue that has more inside space and attractive elements, ie staircases and fireplaces etc. Whereas with the likelihood of getting outside in the warmer months will draw you to beautiful grounds and gardens. Lets face it we all want those lovely romantic photos to look back on and remember.

TRAVELLING GUESTS. Do you have guests coming from afar? If so accommodation will be up the list of priorities for you. The venue itself doesn't necessarily need to have any but is there accommodation nearby?

ACCESS REQUIREMENTS. I can admit the I myself am a bit of a control freak and even if I was not in the business, would still want to be able to be around for the set up and to check that everything is looking gorgeous and in place. If you are like me, you certainly don't want to be worrying about this on the morning of your wedding so access the day before will put you at ease and help keep those nerves at bay. This is not always easy in a hotel as rightly so if they can get a booking for the day before they will. A barn, hall or manor house might be more suitable. Of course if you hire someone like myself to do it all for you then you will not need to worry at all as I can be the perfectionist for both of us!!

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS. Perhaps not necessarily make or break but other points to consider are things like "Can you have real candles?" I love candles and they are so romantic but not all venues allow them for insurance purposes. And those that do, might restrict their use or insist they have to be in a secure container.

There are lots of photos on Pinterest with ceiling drapes and lighting that are truly beautiful, very romantic and soften a room. I have brides that set their hearts on this and if you are one of them then please make sure that any venue you choose allows them. Fixings may have to be installed into ceilings and beams and not all venues like this.

Is the bar separate from the main function room? I hadn't given this much thought really until I did a chocolate fountain where the bar was separate. On this particular evening the majority of guests remained in the bar area and the dance floor was empty. Almost out of sight, out of mind. My husband will always be one of the first on the dance floor and is quite happy to dance there on his own all night but a lot, men and women, need persuading and it is far easier to do that when the bar is in the same room. You may feel however that having the bar separate gives you that quieter area where guests can chat more easily.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. Please share your own experiences when venue choosing and what makes or made your venue perfect for you.

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